Photocard Poem Project Begins

I love taking photographs, I love writing, so hey, why not throw them together?

I also love sending real mail, so I’m doing that too.

It’s like chocolate meets peanut butter plus Hawai’i.

I’m also wrapping up my interfaith studies at the Chaplaincy Institute, which means taking Reverend Blue Sky 2.0 out into the world.

So the Photocard Poem Project, or PPP? PoPoP? PhoPoePro? begins.

You can see the description over on this page, but I figured I’d put this front and center in case you needed an immediate answer to why that postcard appeared in your mailbox. If you’re wondering why that postcard did not appear, you can find out how to make sure the next one does.


I’ve been an ordained minister since 1999 and have had the honor of offering spiritual care through healing arts, and through creating and conducting a wide array of ceremonies.

Being a writer with a depth of spiritual experience allows me to work with people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds – religious and non-religious – to create ceremonies and rituals that truly reflect their values and perspectives. I also love the practice of providing spiritual care through Reiki and shamanic work.

On this site you can get an idea of what I can offer you. I live in Portland, Oregon, where I practice healing arts and conduct ceremonies. I also love to travel, and can work with clients virtually.

Please feel free to drop me a line, and thank you for visiting.

-Reverend Blue Sky

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