About Me

I began my study of the healing arts with an acupressure course in 1996 (acupressure works on the same principles as acupuncture, without the needles) at UC Santa Cruz. Shortly thereafter I began my training in Reiki in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. I received the Level I and Level II attunements, and followed a few years later with the Level III Reiki Master attunement. (I would never self-apply the term master, but that’s the term used in the Reiki world.)

Reiki is a system of energy work that channels universal energy through the practitioner to the client, in order to serve the client’s highest good.  Everyone can access and move this energy; by being attuned, a practitioner simply focuses energy on opening her/his channels wider. Reiki can be experienced physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In the fall of 2014 I began studying core shamanism. Core shamanism culls universal shamanic principles from the world’s traditions, wherein the practitioner uses sound, often drumming, to alter his/her consciousness and obtain information and healing on behalf of the client. As my training continues, I’ve begun integrating shamanic techniques into my practice. I work with spirit allies and with sound from singing bowls, drum, and rattle to facilitate the release of old energies and bring in vital life force.

I spent two and a half years enrolled at the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, California. During that time I studied the world’s religions and spiritual practices, learned spiritual caregiving skills, and was ordained as an interfaith minister. My ministerial training informs my healing arts, and allows me to perform rituals and ceremonies for major life events. I’ve written and performed over 30 weddings, along with a number of memorials, baptisms, and other ceremonies.

I studied massage at a residential school in the hills of southern Humboldt County, receiving over 700 hours of training in 7 modalities. I’m not licensed to practice in Oregon at this time, so I’m not able to offer it. I’m grateful for the awareness of the human form my training gave me, and it still informs my work. My practice is also supported by years of formal and informal meditation, mainly in the Zen Buddhism tradition, as well as the study of Aikido. I’ve been training in Aikido for 15 years and am a third degree black belt.

I’ve lived in Portland for 10 years and am completely in love with the Pacific Northwest. I volunteer healing arts in Old Town and teach kids Aikido. I’m a writer and have published a book of poetry. I’m also a professional photographer, shooting weddings, landscapes, and portraits.

I am grateful for the path of training and practice I have been able to follow, the work of service I am able to offer, and the incredible mystery of healing that my clients share with me.

I’m also a writer and photographer. You can find more from those trades at noeltendick.com