Working Together

If you’re considering inviting me to help you create and celebrate your ceremony, please feel free to email me at I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

If we decide to work together, here are some more specifics.

First, you get to browse my site in order to become familiar with my general approach to performing ceremonies and to supplement the materials you’ve (probably) already gathered (I also have a binder of all this material if you’d prefer a hardcopy.).

Next, I meet with you in person or via video conference to do an in-depth interview about your history, thoughts, intentions, as well as hear your ideas for your service.  Based on your instructions and the information gathered, I’ll craft the ceremony.  We may meet one more time, or I may simply email the service for your review before having the rehearsal, where we’ll get everything perfectly arranged.

My base fee of $475 covers the interviews, writing, rehearsal, and ceremony. I love traveling and am happy to travel anywhere. Travel costs beyond the Portland area, plus lodging, will be added to the fee. I understand that whatever the occasion, the ceremony can come in the midst of financially stressful times. If you need special assistance in this regard, I’m open to discussing a reduced rate.

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